Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Midyear Resolution and Wednesday Wants

There is something about September that scream’s NEW to me! I am not sure if it has to do with the start of a school/college term, or if it’s due to the summer being over but I always feel like it’s the start of a new year in September. As a result of this feeling I always try and set myself a midyear resolution – this midyear’s resolution is NO MORE EXCUSES!!! Recently it dawned on me that I make a lot of excuses, I’m not going to go to the gym because.. I won’t blog today because... and so on. I am not sure why I do it but I’ve decided it’s time to quit it out – it’s not cool!

Throughout each month I shall be dedicating a post to my favourite stores and my wants from that store = Wednesday Wants (I was very chuffed with myself when I came up with this tehe) - this week it is Zara. I find Zara to be a mecca for professional yet fashionable clothes. You can spend a fortune or a realistic amount depending on the mood you’re in and you will always find something that you will be dreaming about for days on end!

I have put together some collages of my September Wants from Zara;

The first look is zoning in on the professional aesthetic I mentioned. I am in love with the coat; the detailing on the sleeves adds an extra edge to it which is what I am all about. I am a big fan of peplums, they really suit my figure and the fact that this peplum has been added to a work shirt = genius!! Finally the blouse; it could be a bit daring as it has a open slit all down the back, but teamed with a cami underneath during the day it can work as the ultimate outfit for drinks after work!

 My second look is all about being off duty! I am the sort of person that even when I’m running errands or just popping down to the shops I like to look my best, it’s not that I am vain it’s simply how I am! I play a lot of hockey so spend enough time in a tracksuit that when it comes to down time I will rarely (if not ever) be seen in a tracksuit of comfy trousers! So to me laziness is all about loose knitwear, that’s why this asymmetric sweater is perfect, teamed with jeans or a loose maxi skirt and you’re set! This check shirt has been in Zara for weeks and I am craving it, I love the colours and once again the studs on the pockets are amazing but I just can’t justify the price (€50) at the moment! Then we come to the shoes – my new obsession is ankle boots, I recently bought a pair in Bershka that are have a wedge heel and I live in them so when I saw these it was love!

My third look is sticking with the casual look; I would head into town for a spot of shopping or a girly lunch with this look. I adore this skirt and I am actually going to pop in and buy it – it is just too cute and work great with heels, pumps and ankle boots (consider it bought.) Teamed with the khaki scarf and burgundy bag you have a winner. This bag just roars sophistication to me and I am having heart palpitations just looking at it!!

There you have it my Zara Wednesday Wants and how I would wear them – feel free to let me know your spin on them and of course what you might be lusting after in Zara!! 

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