Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Wants

This weeks Wednesday Wants highlights my cravings from River Island plus a trend spotting that I am perched firmly on the fence about!!!

First up some absolute beauties – a maxi skirt is an absolute must for any autumn wardrobe, I wore them throughout the summer and will definitely be relying on them throughout the autumn. I love the green colour, personally I would swap the gold belt for a brown or black one. For a night out I would pair it with a simple black top and the tweed jacket. Then for a more casual look I would team it with the star jumper, how cute is this jumper!!! I may be in love! Now onto the shoes, I am a girl of small stature (5ft 1.5in although I say 5ft 2!!) so I will always look to a bit of a heel! These boots are being bought, everything about them is right – the rich colour, the zip detail and the little heel ooh too good! These would literally go with everything, I’m getting very excited about purchasing them! The trainers are those heeled ones, I haven’t made my mind up on these being honest. I am yet to see them styled well, they always look really clumpy and the wearers legs short and stumpy – maybe I’ll be the one to convince myself they look good!!!

Ok now on to some trend spotting, first up a trend I will definitely be wearing – tweed!! I already have a number of tweed pieces but these are potential additions to my wardrobe!! My fave has to be the gloves, will add a touch of class to any outfit!

A second trend, or should I say two trends that I have seen popping up are tartan and hound’s-tooth – now these pieces on their own are nice and could my styled well, I am not a fan of the dress with both trends I had to include it. All together they cause a bit of a headache so I urge you to imagine them as individual pieces – they are cute, think blue jeans for most of them!!

So that’s it for this week – let me know what you think and how you would style some of the pieces!

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