Thursday, 7 February 2013


You know that outfit you put on and just feel great?? Well this is one of mine. Everything just worked well, it was a typical lazy outfit for me but it all went together and it was sticking with my challenge woo go me!

I picked this top up when I was over in Thailand two years ago and I have barely worn it. The top is a crop top so finding something to wear with it can be restricted as I'm not a fan of bearing my midriff - when I've abs like steel then I'll reconsider :-) 
I literally threw all of this together without even realising (I may have been slightly hungover sshh!!)

 I bought this blazer in the Zara sale after Christmas, I had been eyeing it up for weeks but just couldn't justify the price tag as I was stone broke at the time, then BAM it was in the sale - I didn't hesitate to snap it up. And wow it adds to any outfit, I have to be careful when hugging people through those spikes are pointy!

 * Freedom T-Shirt - Thailand * Under T-Shirt - Penneys * Jeans - Zara * 
* Blazer - Zara * Boots - Bershka *

I decided to show you the make-up I was wearing too, I went for natural as it was a down/hungover day :-)
I'm wearing Rimmel Wake Me Up Ivory Foundation, MAC gel eyeliner, Rimmel Made For Me Naturals Lipstick in 233, Dior Bronze Amber Tan 003. 

If you've any interest in seeing a make-up tutorial let me know!

Hope you like the new background, will be making a few changes in the weeks to come.

Thanks for reading, B

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