Friday, 8 February 2013

Queen Bey

Oh I could not be happier!!!!! I have tickets to see Beyonce in May yay!! Waking up on the hour every hour last night and having the weirdest dream that I had to have a heart bypass to be eligible to receive 02's Priority tickets (I am a weirdo yes) were all worth it especially seeing as a lot of people couldn't access the site - eek so happy!

I am a huge Beyonce fan, I was a fan of Destiny Childs way back when there were 4 members, I saw them in Lansdowne Road just before they split up which just cemented my love for them. I admire what Beyonce has done for women and for what she stands for, I'm a feminist and proud of it and I just thing she represents all that is great about being a woman (ok enough soppy stuff??) 

So today for the day that's in it, lets just drool over this fine lady:

Her latest tour - that I have tickets for!!

My favourite of her albums

Too fab

She can pull it off

Ah DC how I miss you guys!

If you haven't seen this already then you MUST watch it - right now - do it!!

Sorry for all the exclamation marks but my goodness am I excited!!!! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Thanks for reading, B

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