Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ahoy There Sailor

Today's post is another outfit from my challenge, basically the majority of my outfit posts will be challenge outfits I hope you don't mind :-)

I have had this zip up since I was 16!! Can you believe that, what am I like. I love it too much to throw it away and I do use it quite a bit so it's staying in my wardrobe. I call the trousers I'm wearing my Genie trousers as the crotch on them makes them quite baggy (yes you could call them MC Hammer trousers too!!) 

I feel like a cross between a sailor and Jack Sparrow when I'm wearing this outfit, I put the Jack Sparrow part down to the boots, they have a pirate/grungy feel to them I think (I don't know where I come up these things from!!) 

It was super windy today hence me holding back my hair, my poor camera took a tumble too, thankfully all is ok phew! 

* Zip Up - Tommy Hilfiger * Tee - Penneys * Trousers - Topshop *
* Boots - New Look *

Thanks for reading, B

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