Monday, 13 May 2013

Queen Bey

Howdy!!! :-)

What a weekend - if you have not seen Beyonce in concert yet, I advise you to put it on the bucket list.
When it comes to female singers/bands I have seen Britney, Rihanna, Cheryl and Destinys Child in concert and they do not come close to Beyonce (she's a million times better on her own!)
I was a huge fan of hers before the concert now I am literally in awe.
I mean she is tiny yet has decent thighs and she was rocking some leotards, I now love my own thighs ha!
I didn't take too many pics as I prefer to actually enjoy the concert rather then worry about getting the perfect snap plus there are so many put up on FB people get the idea.

Here are a few:

What I wore * Dress Zara * Shoes Faith *

Myself, My Mum & Jen heading off

Love this girl :-)
Me and mum (she spoiled us!)

Pre show cocktails

Strutting her stuff

Giving it socks - she can seriously sing!

After show cocktails :-)

My poor sis had missed her flight home from Scotland so had to fly to Belfast and then bus it to Dublin for the gig, she made perfect time and we had a cocktail ready for her.

Did anyone else head to her throughout her tour - what did you think?

I've had a great Monday and I can feel my luck turning too, pretty excited for what lies ahead for me.

Hope your Monday has been awesome too,

Thanks for reading, B x 

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