Monday, 15 April 2013

Time for a quickie???

Today's post is a quick one - I'm currently up in Dublin for website training (went fantastically) dinner and drinks (heading to Fade Street Social - too excited) followed by a trip to IKEA tomorrow and then helping PB move into his new place (or just supervising!!)  

I've been up since 7 which is usually obscene for me but after the initial confusion as to where I was & why I was up so early the day is going unreal! 

I'm just taking a time out now before I head in to meet with my crew in town, so I'm catching up on Twitter, Facebook and Blogs - I've found some new blogs too which is always fun.

I wanted to show you an amazing top I spotted in Zara but I can't insert the image for some reason :-( sorry peeps!

I hope your

Monday is going as great as mine!

Thanks for reading, B, x

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