Tuesday, 19 March 2013

St Patricks Weekend Round Up

Wow what a weekend, as usual it lived up to it's hype.

I kicked it off with a pretty chilled Friday. I finished up work at about 3 went home and started watching The Following. Have any of you been watching it? If not get on it asap, I am hooked (and crushing on Kevin Bacon) I then did my usual pampering Friday routine and hopped into bed.

I didn't have a match Saturday and it was fantastic having so much free time in the day, I of course made the most of it: I cleaned my room & bathroom, went to town for lunch with PB, headed to the pub for the rugby matches (Ireland lost to Italy cringe!) Headed back home to get ready for town then hit up the newest club in Cork, Voodoo Rooms which is amazing, I don't even think I saw the whole club! The music was banging and I spent the whole night dancing away, they also had a guy playing the drums along to the music - unreal! Also the entry fee and drinks were very reasonable so I didn't have to go to the ATM yay!

Some Strawberry Daiquiris to kick the night off!

Tiki Tony in the Voodoo Rooms

Lunch with PB at Electric 

With a throbbing headache and serious case of the wobbles I managed to make it back into town Sunday morning for the Patrick's Day parade. I was actually working at it, seating all the dignitaries, sponsors and competition winners. Thankfully the sun stayed out and it wasn't too cold as a result. I then came home and wished my life away in bed catching up on YouTube Vid's and blogs - A great St Patrick's Day! 

* The stand I was in charge of * My fave float - made completely from sellotape * Only on Paddy's Day would you mind being stuck behind this fella *

Monday was a Bank Holiday and my god did I need it. I slept until 11 which, for anyone who knows me, knows that is a huge lie in for me!! Then I went about getting everything done that had been niggling at me these past weeks; I cleaned my car, did all my laundry, put together a study, fitness & blog plan and I synced my Mac, iPad & iPhone! This might all sound tedious but it needed to be done and my goodness do I feel ready to take on the world now!

Weekends Outfits (Bar Mon as I spent it in my PJ's)

Did any of you guys celebrate St Patricks Day? What did you get up to?

Until next year St. Patrick...

Thanks for reading, B x

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