Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Birthday Wednesday Wants

I officially hate Wednesdays, I never sleep on a Tuesday night and am always shattered Wednesday. Today I can't even think straight. So what better way to put a smile on my face then to compile my Birthday "Wish List" :-)

First up are some basic tee's, I feel these will be great for Spring/Summer and really you can never have too many.

Topshop Tees * New Look Tee's *
 V.obvious colour scheme going on!

I have recently been reading up a million reviews on make up brushes. I have a few but they are starting to fall apart now so I think it's best to invest in some new ones. I'm planning on getting the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman and seeing as they are reasonable (plus my mum said she would get them for me) I'm going to get both sets below :-) 

*Core Collection * Eye Starter Set*

Next up is all about hair, and it happens its all about Babyliss too. I 100% need a wide curling tong in my life right now and wouldn't mind some heated curlers too. Now that my hair is long enough to curl I am all over it!

Heated Rollers * 2307bu Soft Waves Tong * Thermo Rollers * 

And then onto Zara - I was only in there this morning and literally would like one of everything (planning next weeks Wed's Wants to be dedicated to Zara) but if I had to choose my top items that I would be ecstatic with receiving then here they are: even if I just received one of these bags (especially the Office City bag) I would be the happiest birthday girl.

Mid Heel Court Shoes * Everyday Shopper * Office City Bag *

This next bad boy is the ultimate in organisation. I would have every second planned if this was in my possession. I can promise you this I will own one at some point in my life.

* Filofax Penneybridge *

 And to round it off I also wouldn't mind the following:

A Spa Day
Blog Redesign
New Gym Gear
My Teeth Whitened

I'm not wishing for much am I, obviously this is my ideal, if I had loads of money I would buy them tomorrow, wish list and really I will be super happy once I see my friends & family and have an awesome night out (but I would look fab with my hair curled, make up done with new brushes, sporting my new Zara bag containing my new Filofax, wouldn't I? :-) !!!

Feel free to send me any of the above - you're as good!

Thanks for reading, B x

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