Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Favourites - Balayage

Go Friday - Yes It's you know what that means time for Friday Favourites!! :-) Oh and it's also the weekend in a couple of hours and Paddy's Weekend with a Bank Holiday Monday (although I'll prob be working as I've so much to do)

For this weeks favourites I will be asking for your help too, I have had the same hair colour for years now and I feel like switching things up. I do however know that blonde is the best colour for me, brown makes me look a little washed out so I have been thinking about trying out Balayage. I realise I'm late to the trend but I'm one for doing things in my own time.

So the problem is I have short hair, at the moment it is just past my shoulders so I'm not sure if it will suit. 

It was hard enough to find a style similar to what I have and for what I want but the images below are as close as possible:

Photo courtesy of Rich Girls Blog

 Possibly a bit too short but the colour is along the lines of what I was thinking

Photo courtesy of Rich Girls Blog

Lauren Conrad 

This is still longer then my hair but you get the general idea

If only my hair was as long as LC's
The Queen of Balayage

What do you guys think? Should I just try it out and see how I get on?? Eek I'm nervous but also a bit bit excited too. I would love any suggestions even if it's something totally different to Balayage.

Thanks a million for reading guys and I'll chat to you Monday - enjoy St Patrick's Weekend! B x 

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  1. I love balayage. I asked for this style when I got my hair done. LC always has such lovely hair, defo hair envy x