Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Round Up

Phew I am finally back in the real world!! The past four days have been crazy busy for me so today's post is a bit of a catch up:

I play hockey with Cork Harlequins and on Saturday we had our most important match of the season, if we lost it our chances of winning the league would be very slim (we would be relying on other teams to mess up) and if we won it we would be one win away from winning the league so a very tense match. What made the match even more nerve racking was we had played this team twice already and they had beaten us in both but......WE WON!!!!!  

Such a relief and like I said we now have one match left and if we win that we have won the league!

Pretty chuffed team with the match card

I couldn't even celebrate the win as I had to drive to Shannon as I was helping out at an event. Back in November I helped out at a gala dinner run by the Irish Hospitality Institute. They also run a business game for students and I said I would give them a hand too. It was run over Sunday and Monday and literally was on for the two days, I hadn't seen 5:30am in a very long time!!
I really enjoyed it and think it's a brilliant idea. Basically teams from a number of colleges partake and they are set a number of challenges and then at the end of the two days a winner is chosen - I would have loved to have had something like this when I was in college! 

It finished up late Monday night as obviously there was a bit of a shindig after it. I was too wrecked to really get into the swing of things and left the students celebrating. 

Unfortunately I spend the whole of Tuesday in bed as I was seriously dehydrated from the weekend and had the worst migraine I have ever experienced, thankfully after some painkillers, a heap of water and some sleep I am back to my normal self today.

And now I am back in the office catching up, this work week will be a short one for me as I am back down to Shannon again tomorrow for a meeting about an event I am organising and then it's Friday and Paddy's weekend woo!

A few pics from last week:

* My new Yankee Candle in Baby Powder * I love pugs! * A "little" present from PB *
                   *Celebrating the event in style * My pooch * Fri night's outfit *
* My fave way to wear my eyes at the mo * WIWT lovely message * All set for the match *

I hope everyone's week has been going great, have you had anything interesting or exciting going on?

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Thanks for reading, B x

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