Thursday, 14 March 2013

Grandad Style

Oh my goodness do I have the mother of all migraines. This has been happening all week and I don't know what to do, ironically its "National Headache Week" here in Ireland!! I would get a lot of headaches but not as bad as this I feel ill as a result and all I want to do is sleep, my concentration levels are zero and it hurts to read but I have sooo much to do :-(

Today's post will be short as a result, I hope you don't mind. This is another outfit of mine that I put together as part of my mini challenge. I quite like this one actually and will be keeping everything here - although these shoes seem to be missing (searches sisters wardrobe!!) 

* Top - Thai Market * Trousers - Topshop * Shoes - New Look *

As you can tell form the title I feel I am rocking the Grandpa look but in a good way - all that's missing really is a tweed jacket/blazer (don't think I could carry off of the flat cap and pipe look) 

I kept the make-up simple as I tend to do for day time:

* Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Ivory * Benefit Bright Eyes * Rimmel Lipstick (so sorry I can't remember the name) *

Once again I am really sorry for how short and vague this post is, I'm trying to type without having to look at the screen as it hurts (thank goodness for spell check!!)

I hope you guys are having a much better day then me, send pity my way :-)

Thanks for reading, B x

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  1. Loving your top hun - go great with the china blue trend!

    Be great if you could check out my latests outfit posts: Givenchy Rottweiler & my Boohoo Global Styler entry.

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog