Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Favourites - MARCH

This weeks Friday Favourites is a bit different as I'm going to share with you my favorite things about March

Who doesnt love it when their birthday comes around. Mine is the 28th which falls on a Thursday, it just so happens that its also the Easter Weekend that week so I am really looking forward to partying and then completely chilling. I am making no other plans for that weekend. 

2. BFF finishing her exams
My bestie is currently studying her tush off for her FE1 exams (which are super tough law exams) I am missing her face big time and I cant wait for her to be finished as it means I can see her again - oh and celebrate like mad.

3. St Patricks Day
I'm Irish so of course I'm a fan of St. Patricks Day. Last year it was all about day drinking and then we ended up clubbing too - it was a long but fantastic day. It's becoming a bit of a tradition that I spend it with my longest friend down in Cork, we haven't made plans yet as she isn't sure if she has the following day off but it will consist of a pub.

4. Easter
What's not to love about Easter - plenty of chocolate, a huge roast lamb dinner and more chocolate!!

5. Launching my business
I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing me talk about it but not actually telling you what it is, that's because I want to wait until it's ready to go to tell anyone! And guys it is looking fab!!

6. Start my marathon training 
The hockey season is nearly up (thank goodness as I'm not enjoying it at all this season) and so I have to replace it with something else. There has been talk of getting a relay team together to do the Cork Marathon and so we plan to start training at the end of March. I'm excited to start something new and of course to tone up!

7. Reading new Blogs
Yesterday was a bit of a write off for me, I was very hungover and spent the day in bed dying/finding new blogs. I plan on reading them all in the next few days and am going to do my best to find some new ones too.

What are you guys looking forward to most in March? Are you as big of a fan of the month as me?

Thanks for reading and have an unreal weekend, B x

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