Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Penneys/Primark Haul

 I've always wanted to be the person who can relate to the quote below and frankly this week I think I am! It's as if my mind has just decided "you are going to rock at everything you do from now on" as that is exactly how I feel and what's happening, I wake up buzzing (even if i haven't slept) and I am raring to get stuck in at work! Take today for example - its 4pm eh where did the whole day go??  Wow am I in a good mood!! 

Last week my poor Mini had to get a new radiator and some wiring needed fixing too so it ate into my savings - as in they're all gone! Then on Saturday I had a hockey match which we got hammered in, so I needed retail therapy to cheer me up, I mean what else would help?!

I went in with a list (containing nearly everything that I posted about here and a few extras) and a budget - go me! Now the shop I went into had nothing that I wanted, nothing from my post either which I was really annoyed about and of course I overspent, typical! 
Anywho let me show you what I treated myself too:

* Navy Striped Shirt * Dungaree Dress * Purple Top * Gold Chain *

Now let me tell you about this dungaree dress. I first saw it on somebody on WIWT and fell in love, and decided I had to get this as my birthday outfit. Her dress was from River Island for €30 which isn't bad at all, however as I mentioned I am broke so you can imagine my absolute squeal of joy when I saw this in Penneys for €13!!!!!! I cannot wait to show you how I plan on styling it :-)

Accessories (tanning mitt was essential)

Cannot wait to get wearing these

New Shoesies!!!

Some essentials

Now you may be wondering - why does she have a tri-colour headband down as an essential?? Well Paddy's Day is coming up and I want to be prepared so when I saw it at the till I had t but it - obviously!

I really hope you guys are in as good a mood as I am and that you are loving life!

Thanks for reading, B x


  1. Your new pinafore rocks!! What a bargain too! The jewels are beautiful too, so many nice things!!

    E x

  2. Thanks hun, I cannot wait to wear the pinafore but I've to wait 3 weeks eek!x

  3. Love the pinafore! Totally want one too! xx

  4. Only bought it last week so get in quick! Can tell you exactly where it was too! :-) xx