Friday, 14 December 2012

Ramble ramble

Today's post is a quick one, really it's about whats going on inside my head at the moment. I am back to not sleeping and I realised the main reason for this is that as soon as I hop into bed I start thinking about all the fun/exciting/daunting things that I have lined up for 2013 - I mean it's getting so close eek! 

I was having a bit of a mental wobble for about two weeks, you know the usual doubting myself and where I was going with my life blah blah blah well I've snapped out of it and man am I back to being my focused driven self - and it feels great! 

It's ok to have those wobbles and to just freak out for a couple of hours it helps you to clear your head out (I know I'm no psychologist but I find it helps) and get your goals and aims back on track.

I have realised that the main reason for my wobbles is the feeling of a lack of control, if I feel I'm not in control I crumble - would never have put myself down as a control freak but hey I am a proud one!!!

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