Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wednesday Wants - Topshop

Honestly I am not Topshop's biggest fan. I find the clothes to be overpriced and of extremely poor quality. That's not to say that I don't go in and browse but I would never and have never bought something for the sake if it in there. My two sisters adore the shop and could easily spend hours in there so it's just down to your own taste. What I will give them huge credit for are their shoes and bags - these last a lifetime!!

So after close to an hour on their site and from popping in during the weekend, here are what would cause me to part with my money.... 

Geek T-shirt

Lace Back Playsuit

Cateye Sunnies

Embellished Cross Slippers

Leather & Faux Fur Jacket

Tartan & Studs Slippers

Velvet Lips Silppers

How do you guys feel about Topshop, am I the only lunatic out there you dares question the fashion powerhouse that is Topshop??? 

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