Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wednesday Wants - Kardashian Kollection!

Wow what a sentence for alliterations!! 

Now I know not everyone is a fan of the Kardashian Sisters - unfortunately for those of you who are not I am. Despite becoming famous due to a camera crew documenting their every move and perhaps not the most traditional way of introducing yourself to the world (yes Kim - that tape!!!) you cannot take away from them that they are savvy business women. Every opportunity they have had they have capitalised on - I mean the number of different projects they have on the go is crazy!!! And you have to remember Koutney has 2 kids, Khloe is married and Kim is Kanizzle! I would love to see one of their diaries just to see how many meetings/events/shoots etc they pack into a week - oh and they always look effortlessly stylish at every siting! 

So anyway on to the main reason for this post, last week they launched their Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins. They had a huge launch in London with some very serious looking models and an enormous media buzz around it! My favourite Kardashian in the style stakes is Koutney, her array of fab shirts is dazzling and she's just around the same height as me so if she can wear it surely I can too! 

You could say I was excited to have a browse through their collection and they did not disappoint - here are my favourites.....

Green Collar Blouse * Cream Collar Blouse
Cream Lace Blouse * Black Spot Blouse

Of course I went and checked out the shirts sorry "blouses" that they had on offer - BOOM love the black one!!!

PU Leather Leggings * PU Leather Jacket
Black Satin Top * Black Tux Shorts 

Their basics did not disappoint either - I love the simplicity of the Black Satin top, paired with print trousers/jeans = winner!!! 

Smoke Cropped Blazer * Smoke Dress * Smoke Satin Top

Not to be worn all together, their "Smoke" pieces are fab! Rumur Willis was spotted rocking the dress to some Hollywood bash - if it's good enough for her.....

Blue Sequin Bag * Green Bow Dress * Purple Sequin Clutch

And finally something for hitting the town - the bow detail on the dress is adorable, and who does not enjoy a bit of sparkle especially with the Christmas season fast approaching!!!

Well have I converted any of you??

On a side note last Wednesday I said to myself that I would blog everyday from now on and so far so good!!! I am super proud of myself woo hoo!! :-)

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