Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Favourites!!!

I am feeling so unbelievably rotten these past few days - literally have never felt so weak and no matter what I eat I am constantly starving!!! I'm wondering is my busy lifestyle catching up with me?? And the funny thing is I haven't been out so far this month as I'm taking a break from alcohol so I'm really stumped as to why I'm feeling like this!! 

Anyway enough about that, this week I have decided to base my "Friday Favourites" around my wardrobe, so I will be sharing with you my 7 favourite pieces at the moment...

No. 1 - Nike Liberty Trainers
I am not ashamed to express how much I love these trainers, possibly one of my best buys! I would not be a huge trainers during the day person and have only ever owned 2 pairs on converse but when I saw these I didn't even question why I loved them so much, they are perfect for a casual look and they actually have a little heel in them so they give me a subtle lift something nobody has recognised whilst I'm wearing them = result!!!

No 2 - River Island Leather Skirt:
I have been living in this lately, I've worn it to work, seeing friends, out on the town literally everywhere it is so easy to style and goes with everything bar trousers of course ;-) !!!!

No 3 - Topshop Squirrel Dress:
Possibly the cutest thing I have in my wardrobe. it is just adorable, I particularly like the low waistline on the dress it suits my size and is very girly and flirty!!

No 4 - Zara Knit:
Simple yet stylish the angled hem gives it a nice twist and the colour is bang on trend! I feel like I am repeating myself but this is another piece I have been relying on lately its soooo warm too!!! 

No 5 - Warehouse Lace Top:
This was an absolute bargain!! I got it for sale price and could not believe my luck!! It instantly adds a bit of pahzaz to an ordinary pair of jeans!

No 6 - Zara Jacket:
The amount of people who have asked me if this jacket was Chanel was unbelievable!! (secretly chuffed people thought I could even afford Chanel!!) Nothing much needs to be said about the jacket really - it's fab!!

No 7 - Topshop Jumper Dress:
Gosh I think I've had this dress for maybe 4 years now! It is an absolute winter fail safe piece for me! I cannot wait for it to get a little bit colder to rock it again!

There you have it!! I hope you enjoy my Friday Favourites and that they don't get a bit boring but I love the concept of sharing what I'm loving once a week!! Hope you do too :-) !!!!

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