Monday, 12 November 2012

Time to Tone!!!!

Tuesdays are manic for me - literally from 8-10:30 I'm non-stop! I have my interning job during the day, then I hop into the car and drive straight to Cork for a hockey meeting at 8 and then training at 8:30 and then I can relax at about 10:30 but I'm usually so wrecked that I don't go near technology - so I am actually drafting this post on Monday!!! :-) 

Today's post is all about fitness inspiration - I'm relatively fit with all the hockey I play but god I could definitely do with getting a bit fitter and toning up!! So starting today I am setting myself the challenge to do some form of exercise every day whether it be a full hour and a half training session or a quick 30 minute cardio biltz I am doing it and I'll keep a little diary and let you guys know how I get on eek!!!! 

Woo - totally pumped!!

I want rock hard abs :-)

Totally doing this!!

A workout my buddy came up with

Boom like a boss!!!

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