Monday, 12 November 2012

Beauty Wish List

Yesterday I posted about my Fashion Shopping list so I thought I would stick with that theme but do a Beauty wish/shopping list - well I had serious fun putting this one together!! Mondays are pretty jam packed for me hence the late time of posting (past 10pm) !!!!!

I saw this bad boy in Selfridges when in Manchester and I seriously regret not buying it now :-( how cute is it!!!

Ciate Mini Advent Calender

I have recently discovered Essie Nail Varnish - it's tough to find in Ireland so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Good as Gold * Leading Lady
Sticking with the nail theme - I have the shortest nails (could be due to the fact that when stressed/nervous I dont leave them alone) and it drives my friends mad!! So i have been promised a set of gel nails as a Christmas prezzie - I am super excited I want them to be just like below!!! Natural but long enough to tap my nails on the table - always so jealous of people who can do this!!

Natural Gel Nails * Khloe Kardashian Nails (they have to be fake!!)

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not leave the house without something on my lips especially on nights out, and recently I have been drooling over a dark very vampy red lipstick, so naturally I need a lip liner!!! 

Chanel Rouge Noir * Rimmel 1000 Kisses

How gorgeous is this...MAC have the cutest Holiday Collection in at the moment, they are not always the most reliable with their Christmas palettes sometimes the colours are rotten and ones I would never use, but this year they have smashed it!!!

MAC Fabulousness Warm Palette

Finally is a very funny wish - Hair Extensions!! I am seriously on the fence about this, as you will see from below I used to have long hair (do not laugh at how young I look - or chubby!!!) and then I cut it all off (I've had short hair since about 2009) - and now I miss being able to style my long hair :-( I have a lot of hair so I think it would be tricky to find the right extensions but I think I am up for the challenge!!! 

Ok you can laugh!!

Short Hair - the only pics I could find that are respectable!
Would love any feedback from you guys!! Thanks!x 

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  1. Great wishlist!! I want something from MAC Glamour Daze too!!! Xx