Sunday, 11 November 2012

November Shopping List

So every Wednesday I do a post on my "Wednesday Wants" where I lust after some pieces and dream of buying them when I win the lotto! Now for this post I am compiling a little shopping list for payday!!!

First up Leather Jeans..I used to own a pair of leather leggings but because I wore them so much they started to become see through so sadly they had to be thrown out. So for my next pair of leather trousers I'm thinking jeans!

Zara Coating Jeans * New Look PU Slim Leg

Next up a pair of winter boots - I am a mere 5ft 2 so I am afraid that knee high flat boots will make me look smaller so maybe ones with a heel would be better, but sometimes you need a pair of flats - oh such a dilemma!!! 

Topshop Parson Boots * Zara Flat Sole Boots

I love the look of a fur gilet, I think this one from is very neat and the colours are great for autumn/winter.

Brown Speckled Faux Fur Gilet

It's winter which means it's time to buy a winter jacket - I love how girly this one is and seeing as I don't own a black jacket I should definitely purchase!!

New Look Black Wooly Contrast Jacket 

I have misplaced my reliable leather jacket (pretty sure my sis might know where it is) so I need to get a new one, I'm loving the faux fur collar on this jacket and the quilted detailing and thats it's a bit shorter will help me and my shortness.

Topshop Biker Jacket

Winter time = wrapping up!!!! The colour of this beanie is bang on trend!

New Look Beanie Hat

Now for a bit of glamour, I have a Christmas Party in my Hockey Club coming up and I think this dress will be perfect I love the colour!!

Blue Lace Prom Dress

Finally I love how cute this skirt is and can be dressed up and down so will get plenty of wears!

Sequined Skirt

I will keep you posted on when I (hopefully) purchase these bad boys and also how I plan on styling them. 

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