Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday Favourites!!

Woohoo it's Friday!!! And it's a long weekend - three day weekend yay!! Super excited for the weekend as it is jam packed! Tonight I'm having dinner and drinks. Saturday night is the annual fancy dress in my Hockey club (still not sure what to go as - as always!!) Then Sunday is the main event as we are hitting the city for the Jazz!!! 

In honour of Halloween this weeks Friday fave's is all about costumes:

I was a peacock last year - made the outfit myself although the majority of my feathers had fallen off before we left the house oh well!

This was for the fancy dress in Quins last year I was Little Bo Peep!

I would love to have the courage to dress up as a bath loofah like these gorgeous gals - it is such a fun idea!!

 What a genius idea for a couple dressing up!

Too cute for words!!!