Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What's in my handbag?

I have been racking my brain with what I was going to blog about all day! After the weekend I had my head has been seriously groggy, thankfully it cleared and I have post ideas for the rest of the week woo!

First I will tell you the jazz weekend was fab! That will be tomorrow's post need a days break from it all! :-) So I decided to do a post I've been thinking about doing for a bit - and it's a bit if fun too!

Drum roll please........


Starting from the left:
- An apple a day keeps the doc away
- My iPad and fab Marc Jacob cover
- My diary (can't abandon a paper one)
- My notebook (to jot down my ideas)
- Mini Dove deo (an obvious addition)
- Mac Studio Fix powder
- My Michael Kors purse (love)
- Lacoste Touch of Pink
- Hand cream (I'm OCD with my hands)
- Rimmel eyeliner
- Lemsip and Strepsils and gum (a must right now being sick)
- My fave pen colours are blue, pink, purple and green
- My car and house keys
- A hair tie and tissues
- Finally my trusty MAC lip tint!!

Yes my handbag is quite large and heavy!!! Tehe!

What do you think - too much? :-)

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