Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Major Benefit

I have had this post written for a while but was a little nervous about posting it as it will be my first beauty review that features my face!!! And I can tell you I much prefer it when my eyes are open and i can smile :-)

Two weeks ago just before I headed to Manchester I popped into Benefit Brow Bar in Mahon Point Shopping Centre. I'll let you in on a secret I have only ever had my eyebrows threaded twice!! I know shock horror but they have never really needed anything done, well I got inspired and said lets do this and went and got them waxed and tinted and shaped!!! I know extreme - well I was seriously happy with the result, nearly hugged the girl who did them ha! 

Then I had my rubber armed twisted into trying their new "peek-a-bright-eyes" compact oh and their new "they're real" mascara and would you know I bought them both!!!! Oh she saw me coming!! But I am delighted with them and have used them both every day since.

The "peek-a-bright-eye" compact comes with a base colour, a shimmer, a contour colour and an eye brightener. You can use it to make a subtle day look and transform it to a night look by adding more of the contour shadow.

This mascara is AMAZING!!!! I was convinced that the mascara that I had been using prior to this was making my lashes look the best, I like them long and full - well this little beauty really gives the impression that you could be wearing false lashes (although only day ones.) I am seriously impressed and that a little travel size came too was an added bonus.

And TA DA.........

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