Monday, 22 October 2012

All That Glitters

This coming weekend is the Jazz weekend in Cork and it is probably my all time favourite "holiday!" As I kid my Dad managed THE Jazz Hotel in Cork and as his kids we had the run of the place. I fell in love with the atmosphere, music and the general vibe of it all - so I am super excited for this weekend!

The Jazz is all about getting "jazzed up" (couldn't resist) I'm talking uber glamourous with lots of sparkle. I recently bought a fab glitter Nails Inc. nail varnish however it requires a base coat so in preparation for the weekend I tried out a number of base coats to see which one would be the best!

From left to right I have a brown polish from H&M, a turquoise polish from H&M, a pale pink polish from H&M (that's it I promise) a fawn brown from OPI and a lavender from No 7.

This was the result of them before the glitter

And these are my nails with the glitter

My verdict is that the best base coats are lavender and the pale pink - might try out something fun with the glitter varnish for the Jazz! Don't worry I will be posting about the Jazz yay!!!

Also the Nails Inc. nail varnish is for Breast Cancer so not only am I gaining a fab varnish but I'm doing something small for Breast Cancer too!

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