Sunday, 26 January 2014

Work Wardrobe

Since starting my new job in June I think I've handled the smart causal work attire pretty well - we were blessed this summer with amazing weather so the skirt/trouser & blouse or dress combo's worked well. Then winter rolled in and it was surprisingly warm and for the days that were chilly I had a few cardigans and work appropriate jumpers. I felt I had it covered until I realised I was literally wearing the exact same outfits sometimes on the same days - SCANDAL I know! Now I understand the majority of people in my office probably don't even notice a) what I'm wearing and b) if I've worn it before but for me I take pride in putting in effort so.....time to do some shopping!!! Woohoo a genuine and valid reason to go shopping. 

Now my plan is rather then just go on a mad spree I'm going to invest in staple work wardrobe pieces but with the view that they could be worn outside of work too. Wow I am getting wise and smart, so on that here are some of my top picks from whats currently available...

Work Picks

And.....payday is Friday!!!! Yeehoo!

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