Thursday, 30 January 2014

Vertically challenged

I'm sure that I am not the only petite creature out there who sometimes curses their height (or lack of) when it comes to trends just not suiting. Usually I would know what works and what doesn't or I'd make it work - well this time I am well and truly stumped :-(

As soon as I saw the Whistles Lara skirt I fell in love - I mean how fab is it!

Off I went home delighted with myself...until I started styling it que *MAJOR PROBLEMS* 

Everything I put with it - white shirt, cream cami, white fluffy jumper, navy top - looked horrendous! I mean nothing, nada, niente went with it. I have a shortish torso with longer legs (long for a short person now) and the skirt sits on my waist where I feel the problem lies. It has now been sitting in my wardrobe for 3 months still unworn, there must be some law against that! 

I've looked online to gather inspiration but nothing really caught my eye plus most of the models were like 6ft (I'm 5ft 2 - just!!)

So I'm giving it more more chance with the pieces below if it I can't find anything I may have to part with it WAAHH!!!!!!

I will also take all and any recommendations on styling it - especially from fun size people like myself :-)

Thanks for reading, B, xx

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