Monday, 3 June 2013

June Goals

Agh it's June!!!!! Am I the only one who feels that this year is flying by??? I'm sure I say this every month but eh where have the past 31 days gone!!!

Flipping heck its the summer time :-) 

As we all know I was useless in April with achieving the goals I had set for myself, well I've redeemed myself with May's Goals. 

1. The Website is going live this week!!!! Check back on Friday for a post on what it is I've been doing :-)
2. I'm up to module 12 in my masters (slightly amended this goal)
3. And I'm feeling a lot more confident and positive. WHOOP!!! 

On the third goal I have to say that I have the best family, close friends and a number of buddies who I consider to be closer too now, in the world! I knew if I could get through the past month I'd be flying it and you guys did too and no matter how down I was my god did you cheer me up. If I can be half the friend you were all to me I would be a very happy bunny. You guys rock :-)

Enough soppy stuff and on to my goals for June:

1. Decide on a career - now that the website is launched it's time for me to put my career aspirations first.
2. Get up to module 20 in my masters. 
3. Get more involved in blogger communities especially Irish ones.

Another goal that I will be accomplishing this month is participating in the Cork City Marathon, that's on today eek!!

What goals have you guys planned to set yourself this month?

Thanks for reading peeps, B x 

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