Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Tidy House....

So I'm three days into my new job and it's only tonight that I have had five minutes to spare - I LOVE IT! 

When I found out I had got the job I was faced with the ultimate dilemma....What am I going to wear???

The dress code is smart casual which threw a tiny spanner in the works. As I get paid at the end of the month I couldn't exactly go on a mad shopping spree so I set aside a day to do a massive clear out and a re-organisation of my wardrobe and hopefully I would have enough clothes for June. 

Wardrobe Shelves Before

Wardrobe Shelves After

Hanging Wardrobe and Shoes Before

Hanging Wardrobe and Shoes After

How good did I do??? I am especially pleased with my shoes, I threw out a rake well gave them to charity and now I can actually see what I have. You know the saying a tidy house is a tidy mind..well that is certainly the case with my wardrobe I feel awesome with it so clean!

So once I could see all of my clothes and knew exactly what I have, I set about planning my outfits for the three weeks in June. And I only ended up having to buy a pair of black court shoes and then I treated myself to one new outfit (this will get a dedicated blog post as it's fab!)

Ta Da - Junes outfits!!!
Don't ask me what I'm going to do for July eek!!

Thanks for reading guys, B x

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