Saturday, 2 March 2013

Round Up

Hey all! 

So I haven't really been around lately sorry - I've been unbelievably busy and have been without internet for a bit too! 

Hmm so to quickly fill you in - I was up in Dublin the week before last to see Train in concert (they were fab) then I was at a trade show for the rest of the week. I was staying with my Aunt in her new AMAZING house but unfortunately they had no internet yet. 

And then this week work has hectic, I'm not sure if I ever explained what I do; I'm about to launch a consumer website (I'll explain more when I launch it) but I've also just committed to helping my Dad's company with their marketing as they don't really do much and I feel with a little help we could increase our profitability. So this week was all about getting myself immersed in the company and putting together plans so I have been pretty wrecked but good wrecked and seriously productive wrecked too! 

Little phrase I try to stick too :-)

So overall I am in flying form, I finally feel like I have a solid plan for the year and that makes me so happy! So it's time I get back to blogging - WOW!!!  

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