Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday Wants

Fourth day into being sick and it is really starting to have an effect, I am so drained it's crazy - I haven't been doing!!

Todays Wednesday Wants is a bit different, I'll show you my wants from Zara and then I'll share with you the items of clothing that I am on the hunt for.

So a little bit disappointed in Zara at the moment, not too much screaming for me to purchase but I'll put that down to the time of the year:

Jacquard Combination Blazer
Love the bomber jacket feel to this blazer, I think it's amazing!

Polka Dot Shirt
Leopard Print Long Shirt
We all know I love a good shirt and these two are fab, especially the long one it could look fab on!

Tartan Cropped Trousers
Are these not adorable?? These will be the first things that will be bought.

Now onto my "Most Wanted" - these are the few pieces that I will be keeping my eye out for in general;

A chunky stylish oversized knit
Cute court shoes for upcoming business meetings
A crisp white shirt
A bomber jacket
Good fitting boyfriend jeans
And the daring side of me is tempted to look for a fab jumpsuit eek!

I'm not looking for much am I??

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