Monday, 26 November 2012

Fitness Fail

So about two weeks ago I set myself a challenge of doing some sort of physical activity everyday. I started out optimistic and probably overdid it as I strained my hamstring oh and my glut so I've kind of deserted it - I know I know I feel guilty enough as it is!

Here is how I got on:
Tuesday - an hour and a half hockey training
Wednesday - Ice Skating (a form of exercise yes!)
Thursday - an intense hockey match that we won
Friday - major case of limping (blame the hamstrings)
Saturday - another intense match que the glut going
Sunday - sat on the couch
Monday - an hours walk/limp
Tuesday - an hours walk 
Wednesday - time to give up

And here I am now nearly a week on from giving up on the challenge feeling very guilty - and as much as I want to say I'll start it again I have to be realistic with it getting colder and wetter out that I wont!

On the plus side my health is better then it has ever been - I gave up alcohol for the month of November and I also made a huge effort to eat more fruit and replaced crisps with popcorn and BOOM I've lost half a stone oh and I am sleeping again yay everybody rejoice!! 

So although my fitness may not be as good as I would like it to be my health is - high five to me (as I sheepishly eat a chocolate digestive) 

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