Friday, 7 June 2013

Dun Dun Dun.........

Confession time....I might have set myself a June Goal already knowing the outcome! In my defense it had always been down as a goal I just never thought it would happen so soon. 

What was the goal??? Haven't I gone and got myself a new job :-)
I am now a Digital Marketing Executive for a company here in Cork - yay!!

Upon getting the job me and the family went out for dinner to celebrate, this was decided as I arrived home from Pilates so ignore the shiny face and ucky hair thanks :-) 

I literally threw on whatever I saw first;

Black string New Look, Pink jeans H&M, Flats Penneys Necklace Penneys

 We headed to Jacques Tapas Bar, this is newly opened and was delicious. At first we weren't too impressed with the selection we felt there wasn't enough and I was famished (no surprises there) so we decided to order one of everything and see how we got on - it was enough!

The meat board - this was what it was like after it was set down - yes we're savages!

Rhubarb bellinis - standard

Amazing Chicken Wings 

 I said a few days back that I would fill you in on what I have been doing for the past 6 months so...I've been working on developing a tourism website for my Dad's company that focuses on sustainable and responsible hospitality businesses across Ireland. Basically "green" hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, activities etc. 

The site is all ready to go and is in the developers hands so once they've tidied a few things up it will be live!! I feel so incredibly proud of the site as it has been a tough few months but it has all been worth it especially as I feel this experience was a MAJOR factor in me getting my new job plus it has opened me up to a new career.  

I'm still going to be overseeing a lot of the admin and of course the online presence as it is my little baby but I'm currently trying to find an intern who can do the day to day admin and marketing of the site.

Eek such an exciting time right now for me! I start my new job on Monday...but am heading off to Ardmore (a seaside village) for the weekend to chill out and lap in the sun!

Thanks for reading guys, Hope you all have a fan-flipping-tastic weekend, B x

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