Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Little Red Riding Hood (kinda)

We have had a few glorious days here in Cork, waking up to the sun shining automatically puts me in a fantastic mood!! I also love how long it stays bright for, this weather is perfect in my opinion - lets all say a small prayer that it stays like this (or get's a little better) for the next three months! 

Lately I've been doing a good bit of shopping, seeing as I haven't bought anything it what feels like months I decided to treat myself last week. 

My favourite of what I've purchased has to be this red blazer from Zara, it instantly adds to any outfit and is going to be a staple in my wardrobe over the next few months.

* Blazer - Zara * Jeans - Zara * Tee - Penneys * Shoes - Penneys *

Last Friday me and the fam headed to Nando's for a bite to eat and then to see Star Trek Into Darkness, I popped the blazer on with my new boyfriend jeans (another item in my latest haul) and a really fun Mickey Mouse tee from Penneys. The blazer smartened up the otherwise very casual outfit.

* Blazer - Zara * Midi Dress - Penneys * Shoes - Penneys *

I wore the blazer again then on Saturday, I was meeting a buddy for lunch and a spot of shopping then I popped into town with my mum where we met up with one of her school friends who happened to be entertaining Glenda Gilson from Xpose for the evening. So we stayed with them for the night which was really nice. Unfortunately I was driving so I stuck to eating while everyone else was enjoying the Champagne!

Myself and Glenda - she sat down for the pic as she was towering over me!

The only problem with this little gem is that it's dry clean - GRR!!! Dry cleaning is the bain of my life, I say I do it once a year and it's so expensive as I leave everything pile up (I know it's out of pure laziness!)

I'm off to a little party tonight, a local hotel Vienna Woods, is celebrating 50 years and are throwing a shindig - and tonight I shall be having a drink or two! Midweek drinking how very bold :-)

Thanks for reading, B x

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