Thursday, 2 May 2013

I'm back

Ugh so I've had a pretty rough few days not going to lie I just didn't have the energy to think of anything but sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself but as always I've put it behind me. I feel that all I blog about lately is shit times I'm going through or shit I've had to put behind me and I hate it so I'm making a few changes in my life that is going to stop that. 

First up is to put the initial energy I had for this little bad boy back in to it. So expect a post every day with more fashion and beauty posts and less moaning rants from me :-)

Getting right in to it, here is the outfit that I wore to the launch of Xpose live yesterday. Xpose is a daily fashion and beauty show on TV3 and they were launching an event that is happening at the end of May that will literally have all your fashion and beauty needs and wants under one roof with a number of fashion shows.

Hope you don't mind the bedroom mirror snap but I literally had 15 minutes to get ready. I love this outfit, it was so simple to put together and I felt great!
The top is from F&F at Tesco and was €12 yes so cheap, the skirt is Topshop from last year and it is one of my all times favourites it has had many an outing.

These are the little details of the outfit. Can you believe the size of that ring, my aunt gave me this for Christmas but I've never worn it as it's too big so I used a band ring to wedge it in place. 

Here's a pic of the lovely Xpose ladies, there is four of them and when I first took the shot I thought one was just missing, upon further inspection I noticed that she was there just sitting down (almost hiding) not a very good impression!

Better pic to see her hiding (silver dress) - just by the pull up sign!

It was a good event and I met two lovely people, Nessa from Life's Lust Haves and Graeme, they were kind enough to hang out with me for the event as I had gone on my own. 

Chat tomorrow lovelies!!

As always thanks for reading, B x

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