Monday, 8 April 2013

Major Catch Up

Apologies for nearly 2 weeks of not blogging but life got in the way!

So as you know I recently celebrated my 24th birthday and I decided one day wasn't enough I needed 4 days to celebrate. Wednesday and Thursday was spent with PB and my Dad respectively. Then Friday was Great Friday and I headed to a house party with PB (planned on taking it easy - 2 bottles of Pinot Grigio later was not taking it easy) Then Saturday was the big day, a group of us went Go Karting, then it was a girls night out. I had the BEST birthday and could not get over how many people took the time to wish me Happy Birthday - people are great right!

Here are some pics from the few days:

Then karma kicked in and my body got it's own back for 4 nights drinking and I spent the next week, yes 7 full days in bed with a virus/flu/cold it was horrific and I never want to feel like that again (pops some Vitamin C tablets)

Friday I managed to last a full day out of bed and helped out at a really cool event that was happening in Cork - Start Up Weekend. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me tweet like mad about it. The clue is in the name, contestants have 54 hours to start up a company and then pitch it Dragon Den style to the judges who choose a winner. Next time I will definitely be participating rather then volunteering. 

Start Up Weekend Cork - The Gang

On other news I am flying it with my Masters, I am really in the zone now. I am doing it through distance learning so it's all in my own time which was tough to get started at first but now I have a schedule which allows for some off days and it's looking like I could be finished by August (September has always been in my head so finishing early would be great)

Anyway enough rambling from me  - I've loads to share with you in the coming days now that I am back in my groove!

Hope you are all doing well, can you believe April is here eek!

Thanks for reading, B x

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