Wednesday, 27 March 2013

24's a good number, right?

So today is my last day of being 23, I don't know what it is about turning 24 that has me so spooked I don't even think 25 is as big of a deal as 24! 

I'm not going to lie I had a bit of a freak attack at the start of the week, I suppose it was mostly because I didn't think this is where I would "be" at 24. You know in college you have all these plans of what you're going to do when you leave and where you'll be - and what I'm doing now is not what I expected.

However after I calmed down I reflected on what I have achieved this past year:
1. Ran a hugely successful food festival
2. Completed a diploma in Digital Maketing
3. Received my first Digital Marketing client
4. Started my blog
5. Started a Masters (which by the way is going great!)
6. Won the Munster Senior League in Hockey 
7. Developed a new website for Irish Tourism (not launched yet though)
Out of 12 months 7 accomplishments is not bad!

I've also lost some friends, gained new ones and cemented lifelong frienships. There have been a few knock backs and a lot of big decisions too that I had to make that will make a huge change from here on in but there is nothing that I regret.

I hope I'm not sounding like a negative Nancy here, I am quite looking forward to my 24th year on the planet - god know's I have enough plans, ideas and dreams to fill the year. 

Let's toast to getting back up on that horse and not letting anything deter you!

Thanks for reading guys, B x

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