Sunday, 20 January 2013


I'm back!!! Took a little bit of a break from posting last week as I was getting organised for the year ahead, boy am I excited! I shall be ticking a number of goals off my bucket list soon which I am super pleased about.

Back before Christmas I went on a trip to Galway with himself and today's post is a recap on that trip along with my fave outfit.

It was seriously chilly when we were there, thankfully I had borrowed my sisters sleeping bag of a jacket so I was nice and toasty! I loved this outfit due to its simplicity and I really like how well the colours went and obviously because of how fab I felt.

I'll let you in on a secret - I am not the biggest fan of my legs, by choosing to play hockey throughout my entire life I had to endure the consequences that come with it and those are thunder thighs!! They're great for hockey and on the ski slopes but not so much for short wearing so I am always reluctant to wear shorts and tights but I manned up and did this time and it wasn't too bad(ish). 

River Island Sleeping Bag/Jacket * River Island Blazer * Laundry Basket Blouse * Ed Hardy Scarf * H&M Shorts * 100 Denier Tights (winter must) * Penny's Socks * Bershka Boots*

* Pictures taken by a very helpful Pat *

Above are some images from the trip (starting at the top left to right)

The view from our hotel in Galway city, I know it might be weird but I adored the chandelier and the floor length curtains they were so regal.

We were blessed with the weather for our trip, some essential road trip tunes, a pic from the party on our second night....

Which took place in this castle, the room was pretty amusing I felt like we had gone back in time but the view was gorge in the morning!!!

It was a fab trip and kick started an amazing Christmas Period and a great end to a some what blah year :-)

I'm hoping to do more fashion posts as they're great fun so I hope you liked this one - don't forget to follow me on GFC too!

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