Monday, 21 January 2013

Challenge Time

As you know I love reading blogs - fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc - but especially fashion blogs, I love seeing how people but together different trends, outfits and play around with accessories. They can be a great place to find future buys too. 

Once or twice however I've been a little bit miffed that something amazing that I spotted in a post turns out to have been gifted AND costs a fortune in real life! I don't mind seeing gifted pieces and always appreciate it when the blogger states this was the case but the fact that the piece could set you back a couple hundred euros just didn't sit well with me - I'm not sure about other bloggers but that would be way out of my price range for one piece and I could think of a number of things I could spend that money on instead.

So while I was getting over this I took a look at my own wardrobe and it struck me that I rely on only a few pieces and the rest just sit there, I do try and do a clear out every now and again and I stick to the rule - If you haven't wore it in the past year bin it - which is quite successful but still I have loads of clothes.

* Trousers/Skirts etc (2 more columns behind) * Tops * Jumpers *

* Dresses/Jackets/Jumpers * Scarves&Belts * Shoes (messy I know) *
* Handbags/Hats/Gloves * Brand New Hanging Rail *

As a result I am setting myself a challenge: to wear everything in my wardrobe in the next 2 (maybe 3) months. At the end of those 2/3 months what ever I haven't worn gets thrown out. It will be a good way to clear the wardrobe but also to start viewing what I already have in a new light...BRING IT ON!!! 

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