Sunday, 9 December 2012

Round Up!!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted and the thing is I didn't even realise! It has been a busy few day - so let me update you!! 

Last week I had the Irish Hospitality Institute's Annual Founders Banquet and Awards, I have been helping the IHI out every Monday and Tuesday since October just for this event. The event was in the Four Seasons in Dublin and wow what a venue, I wish that I had had time to take photos of the venue but I didn't stop until the event was over! I did however get a few shots of the room and bathroom - amazing!!! 

The event itself went very well and I did some serious networking.

Look at how big the shower is!!!

What I wore and a few extras!
So that was on Thursday night, on the Saturday night I had my Hockey Club's Christmas party that I was also organising. And thankfully it went amazingly!  We had a sit down 3 course meal with plenty of wine. I have been off alcohol for the month of November so this was my first night back on it - I sure did not miss the hangover! Sat night was also my first time wearing hair extensions, yes I made the leap and purchased some and I love them - the amount of compliments I received was crazy, I had a few of my team mates confused too, overall it was a fantastic night but wow did the two nights take it out of me I was shattered until Wednesday!

Fun Photo Booth - Hair Extension Styling
Then it was back to normal and after the buzz and business of the two events the past few days have been pretty anti-climatic. I did however buy and decorate our Christmas Tree:
Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

And have a girly night out which was well overdue:

Ah McDonalds = best hangover food.

Today it's my Dads birthday - I have the chocolate cake baked and we're half way through the prep for our roast dinner Oh I am excited!!! Next week I'm helping at another event so will be working every night, I LOVE Events!!!

Hope you all are having a fab weekend too x

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