Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wednesday Wants

I am pretty disappointed with myself that I haven’t blogged in a week! Its been a weird week for me, I think my lack of sleep finally got to me as I was an emotional wreck, if somebody said boo to me I was distraught! So I finally went to the Doc and got some sleeping tablets although I am totally against them! Well they’ve worked I feel awesome!!

Back to today’s post, this weeks Wednesday Wants is all about French Connection. I love their pieces but the price tags are a little out of my reach so whenever my Mum feels like treating me BOOM I head here! Below are what I WANT WANT WANT – (I need to win the Euromillions!!)

First up some uh-mazing dresses - especially the first one, I literally salivate when i see it!! I would love the second one to wear during the day, team it with some dark tights and cute boots! The rustic orange dress would be perfect for the upcoming party season. I love the leather sleeves on the next dress and how girly is the last dress again would be perfect for Christmas Season!!

This faux fur jacket is the perfect balance in my opinion, it is not too heavy and the fur isn't too daunting, I think the collar detail on the knit jumper is super cute and how fab is the clutch? Team it with a simple black dress to make a statement!

Call me crazy but I adore all three of these items separate and I would even go as far as saying I would possibly wear them together too! They are fantastic!

This jacket is giving me a Robin Hood vibe - images of an autumn stroll in the woods pops to mind! I love the clutch (could also be used as a weapon) and how Vicky B is this dress??? AND its on sale - cha-ching!!!

A girl can only dream!!!!

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