Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Aged Classroom

The past two weeks have been crazy for me, crazy good though– a lot has changed! I’ve started a new job, I’ve started orgainising a newevent, I started a diploma and I started a postgraduate degree, I have alsostarted to relax about my future and just take the days as they come!

So heading back to Education is a daunting one, I am out ofcollege for a year and didn’t think I would be going back so soon! When I wasapplying for jobs in event management last month I realized that there wasn’tmuch out there for people with no qualification and little experience so Idecided to gain both!! I am now undertaking a postgraduate degree in EventManagement, now what I like about this is that it is through distance learningwhich means I can do it in my own time – I’ve set myself 6 months to get itdone!!

The other element of my new learning curve is a diploma indigital marketing. Now this is something that I am doing to increase my skillsset for my new job. I get marketing, I studied it in College and was very goodat it however digital marketing is the future and if anyone wants to be aleading force it is a must! So far so goo I AM LOVING IT!!!

What I cant get over though is how the usual characters fromprimary school, secondary school and to an extent college are still present inmy diploma class!! The class is a mixture of ages, I would reckon there is 2/3my age (early 20’s) then the rest would be in their 30’s all of them workingfull time and in the Hospitality Sector. Yet there is the usual suspects of theteachers pet, the constant question askers, the one who desires the attentionof others, the one who goes against the teacher etc. I am genuinely shocked, Iwould have thought that that would all have been out of everyone’s system bynow – how wrong was I!

I will however stick to my usual role – top of the classtehe!!!!!

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