Saturday, 25 August 2012

Spring Clean

As you know I am currently unemployed and have been a bit down in the dumps, well that’s going to change – it’s time to give the ol life a spring clean!!

It’s always good to give your house/ room a spring clean, it’s an opportunity to get rid of old things, recycling existing stuff and make way for new things! For the past week I have been doing just that I have undergone a serious spring clean of my wardrobe and room anything that I even hesitated about I threw out and when it came to my clothes especially I was ruthless.  I did all my washing including hand washing and ironing so that I was able to attack my full wardrobe. When I had it finished I felt liberated – I felt that I was back in control, even if it was only something as small as my bedroom. Check out my photos on a seriously organised wardrobe!!

Too many shoes!

Colour coordinated and all!

So I decided to apply a spring clean to my life and put me firmly back in control of it.
First thing was Facebook and Twitter, I unfollowed anybody on Twitter whose tweets I don’t actually read. Then when it came to Facebook I decided that anyone who brings negativity or stress to my life I was going to unsubscribe them from my news feed – I know I could have unfriended them but that could have caused a row and that is not what I’m looking for, although there were a few people I did delete as I wouldn’t call them a friend anymore.
Secondly I’m applying to do a diploma in Event Management and PR – I know that this is what I want to do as a career so I decided to get a qualification to back up my experience.
Thirdly I wrote a letter of support to myself, I identified my strengths and weaknesses and wrote them down, then I wrote down a target for each month for the next year. By doing this I am installing a focus and also a drive that has been missing recently. By identifying my weaknesses I will now work on them.
Finally I set myself some rules; this might sound extreme but one of my weaknesses is putting things off saying to myself that I will do something tomorrow and never doing it, so some of my rules are;
  •             Exercising every day
  •             Spending an hour reading the broadsheets
  •       Not watching T.V until 9 o’clock
  •     Spending an hour reading blogs and blogging myself

That was in my personal life, I then turned my attention to my career. I am now the marketing executive of a new (still under construction) website. It is a side project of my Dad’s but he is too busy to run it so I have taken it over. It has the potential to be huge and when I have it up and running I will share more. As I have always wanted to run my own business I have decided why not do it now – so I am in the process of setting up my own business. Again once this is up and running I will share, but I now feel that I am going places again. 

I have a 12 month plan in place that encapsulates personal, business and financial aspects of my life and I am going to stick to it and hopefully in 12 months time I will be in a much better place them I am now. It’s onwards and upwards from here J  

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