Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Met Fail

What happened at the Met Ball last night - did they all plan to look horrific on purpose! I am finding it seriously hard to pick a favourite let alone one that I even liked!!

There was far too much skin showing for me I mean show your abs and cover your shoulders, less is more ladies! And a bit too much goth for me too - just my opinion mind.

I will say Anne Hathaway's new hair is amazing - I am not her biggest fan but I will say the blonde is fab on her (good job)

Ok I found my fave - Jessica Alba (I can just get over the front cut outs)

And by far the worst were Miley Cyrus (what is going on with her) and Sarah Jessica Parker - words fail me!

A few more who need to sack the stylists:

Oh goodness there is just too many to name to be honest, Check out here to have a browse through the majority of the outfits (if you dare!!)

Thanks to the Daily Mail for all the images :-)

I'm off to wash my eye's out, need to get over what I've just seen tehe, 

Thanks for reading guys, B x

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