Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ramble Ramble

Howdy!! So today has been a seriously intense day, I'm working to a super tight deadline at work and there is so much to do eek. Also I'm getting used to my glasses :-( yup I now need glasses for the computer and reading, up until recently I've had unreal vision but lately I found my eyes were becoming tired now I know they are faulty - oh well!! on the up side I got two pairs...

Both Ted Baker Swit Swoo
Now I had great intensions to do a proper photo shoot with these bad boys but I forgot that after training I would have a nice red face and soaking hair so these will have to do - hilarious I know!!

Check out my posing

As todays post didn't go quite to plan I'm just going to share bits of my day with you; after work I headed to a local networking event that was held by a new business association in the area it was great to see such positivity and energy, and people buzzing about generating new business and opportunities for the area. 

Some literature and a free cupcake
Last night I was super productive and got stuck into my wardrobe challenge, I took out everything that I haven't worn recently, so basically not my usual stuff you know the "go-to" items, and I started pairing things up and planning items for the next week and a bit - my goodness I have so many items of clothing that are not nice or that do not go with anything, in future I am going to be very careful and clever with what I buy.

The outfits I have ready

Finally some picks I spotted whilst browsing this weeks magazines,

WOW tomorrow is Friday!!! YAY!!

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  1. I dread what is lurking in my wardrobe... some things I have no idea why the heck I bought them....xx