Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Finding some inner peace

Today’s blog is a beauty blog; I am reviewing my new favourite item of skincare. My face tends not to take well to moisturizers, spot creams, eye creams etc, not sure why but I always wake up with in the morning and it feels as it the cream is sliding off my face – not so pleasant! I’m still searching for the perfect moisturizer so will keep you posted on my adventures. I have however found an amazing spot cream!! I kid you not this stuff works!

I have tried everything when it comes to spots, I’ve done the old toothpaste and sudocream tricks and they have all failed miserably. Now I came across this beauty by accident, upon purchasing some products in Brown Thomas (a fabulous store) I received a couple of tester products and amongst them was a gem – Aveda Outer Peace Blemish Spot Relief.

I have nothing to fault it on right now; it smells pleasant with a hint of mint. The colour is not gaudy or off putting, it is an eye appeasing cream, and to me most importantly I do not wake up in the morning with dry and tight skin, and the cherry on top I find it is clearing up my unwanted friends!! All in all I would recommend – however as it is not cheap I would suggest popping in and getting a tester first to draw your own conclusions!!

Hope it works as well for you all as it is for me!!


  1. Isn't it great when you find something that actually works! I have not tried this one yet, thanks for the heads up


    1. It is such a relief!! Hope it works just as well for you as it did for me - keep me posted!!