Thursday, 6 March 2014

Of Small Statute

I made an interesting discovery the other day, whilst doing my monthly wardrobe organising blitz I noticed that of my everyday shoes (not shoes that I wear for work) I only possess one pair of pumps!! 

Now people who know me know I am a measly 5 foot 2 inches (just) so I tend to favor anything with a bit of a heel but I was pretty disappointed in myself as one pair is pretty pathetic! 

Since I spotted this all I am seeing are flat shoes but a massive round of applause has to go to the new Alicia Ava range in Clarks - check these out:

How amazing are they!!! I mean the trim - too cute!

I also have a tiny secret to spill - since booking a week away in the sun in July I have been shopping for it - so far I have bought 2 bikinis, 1 Kimono and 1 beach dress EEK! 

I always leave things to the last minute and end up with awful holiday gear so I made a pact with myself that I would start early - January is early enough right :-) On that note I have spotted some sandals that I think would be perfect to add to my holiday wardrobe (I bet I'm not the only one!!)

* Dune Kola * Zara * New Look *

Shoes are definitely on my mind this month,

Thanks for reading, B, x 

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