Monday, 6 May 2013

May Goals

Firstly Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I hope you are all taking it easy or using the day to catch up on life - me I'm just off to the gym then I'll be studying for the day :-) 

Before that though I must let off some steam. I feel like I have wasted april and I am so angry with myself! 
I achieved NONE of my April goals!!! 

I got 7 modules of my masters done
The website still isn't launched
I can't run 10km


The website is seriously driving me mad I'm at the point of packing it in to be honest (I won't really)

Ok so I can't run 10km but I am in the gym 5 days a week. My fitness regime has shifted from all running to more weights/core work and I am loving it - I can feel and see the effects on my body and I have more energy and overall just feel better about myself. For the first time ever I am not dreading a bikini!

So on to my May Goals

1. Launch the site (not unexpected)
2. Get 12 modules done of my masters (need to up the anti)
3. Build back up my confidence & be positive 

I'm sticking to three things so I can focus on getting them done.

I do also have a number of things to look forward to this month. I'm heading to see Beyonce on Saturday whoop whoop! And have a number of trips planned up to Dublin to see friends and for some planning. Also my Dad got me a Spa day so must book that too. So it's all go!

Bring it on May :-)

Thanks for reading, B x

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